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On being thankful...

I literally can't imagine life without my computer. We got a family computer when I was still in grade school, and I've been toting one around from class to class daily since I was 14. There was a period of time where there were more computers in my household than there were people (6 people vs 9 computers). It's no wonder I can't imagine life differently, because I simply haven't known a life before computers.

That's not even mentioning my phone, which is like a physical embodiment of my brain. It keeps track of my schedule, answers any question that I ever need to know about, organizes and communicates with the myriad of friends I have splashed across the country, and even responds directly to my voice.

Our world is crazy awesome. I just need to remind myself of that the next time my harddrive crashes (which should be at least 6 months away cause i had it replaced last weekend). :)

I'm back!


I miss that.

HP Land

I miss that even more.

On the ship

But mostly I miss this (unflattering as this picture is-- the wind is blowing really hard and doing weird things to my skirt), the beautiful sunsets and relaxing hours I spent on board ship, with my cell phone off, where time seems to slow down and all that mattered was I was with my good friends, having a complete blast. 


I'm baking a cake!!!

I know, I know, what else is new?

If you haven't seen my other blog (www.treatothers.wordpress.com), baking is basically my form of instant happiness. My baking blog is currently on unofficial hiatus, since Policy threw me for the loop and I took a month to recover, but I have't actually stopped. And since I my friend and I plan to collectively celebrate our 22nd birthdays this weekend, I decided to try this: raspberricupcakes.blogspot.com/2010/12/pink-champagne-strawberry-cake.html except using my favorite chocolate cake base. 

In my ponderings of how to alter this recipe to suit my own needs, I realized today why all butter cream frostings taste weird to me. I can't really eat them now, I prefer cream cheese based frostings. The sad truth of it is, my mother used to make our frosting based on a recipe that calls for crisco. CRISCO.  Lard. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

Thank you, Mummy, for that future heart attack.

I will admit that it does make things taste fantastic. Half of me doesn't even care and still is begging to be able to lick the spoon.  Perhaps death by car crash isn't my future after all...


On the new year

 I rang in the new year with an old friend, my youngest brother, Wii Just Dance 2, and some arbor mist. I have to say, it's not a bad way to do things up. 2011 is going to be my year of No Regrets-- i.e. Project Stop Over-thinking and Let Yourself Have Fun. Because, why not? Exactly.

The first step of this project is to clean out/rearrange my childhood bedroom, which I am going to be returning to in a few short months. Since I left for college, my room has become a dumping ground for anything in the house that doesn't otherwise have a home. Currently it holds a huge desk, a collapsed desk, a table, a dead computer, two dead printers, half my mother's wardrobe, my father's old trunk from boarding school, a shredder, a filing cabinet, a few extra lamps, an armchair, and THIRTEEN BOXES. This is not including my bookcases, dresser, and queen sized bed (my room is used for guests). Everything is so cluttered, it's ridiculous. And when I come back with all the stuff from my philly apartment... ick. Not happening.

So it is new years cleaning for me. I'm going to be starting my first official, long term job here in Boston and updating my room (it's been 12 years since anything has really changed in here) is step 1. 

All the best to you and yours for 2011! Wish me luck!


 So. I need to decide where I'm living next year. By friday. (Yes, a year in advance and no, not just for my own personal type-a-need-to-plan-ahead-ness but for serious job things). I don't have to be 100% positive, but at least 80%.

I'm in a unique position in that the basically told me to pick anywhere in the country and they'd find a place for me. The good news is there are sooooooooo many good places I want to see/can see myself living. So I developed a pro/con list

Pros and Cons for Boston, Philly, DC, and San FranciscoCollapse )

So, where would you live if you had the option? Boston? Philly? DC? San Fran? 

Oh dear oh dear oh dear

I have  cold. I have to sing in a concert on Tuesday. I need a miracle drug, and yesterday. I've been drinking tea like there is no tomorrow and I took some sudafed and this needs to stop right now, kay, thanks, bye.

In other news, babiibellpepper gave me the cutest little doctor who magnets. They're adorable little cartoons versions and they are currently on my fridge. Also, I've been watching BBCA every saturday at 9... it's still fun. And that's all I ask for. 

Also also, this is the last week of classes before the end of my junior year. What the heck. I'm not ready to be a senior... and then, you know, be an adult with finances and all those important things. EEP! 

*blows nose* 

Also, I saw Sweeney Todd (our Spring Musical this year).
I know all the people in it, I love all the people in it, and still the characters scared me. Sweeney was played by Jesus, my RA from last year (who, funnily enough is on my staff this year, along with my Freshman RA, who wants to murder Jesus with a burning passion because he is "unnervingly charming"). Joanna is one of our top girls from my a cappella group, and completely adorable (who used to date Jesus... yeah it was awkward).  They, and the rest of the cast, were all AMAZING... they just gave me nightmares. I've never seen the Johnny Depp version, which I am told is like a million times more gory, but the Angela Landsbury version was pretty freaky in itself.


And, that's all for now. :)

I can't believe it has come to this

Lots of stuff going on in my life, balance is still eluding me, but everyday I get a little bit closer. I kind of screwed up a bit and missed my one-on-one meeting with my boss this week . I have so many calendars going at the moment (6 on google calendar-- personal, musical, class/work, wedding, RA duty, and another school committee--  plus a homework book and a to-do list book and then normal wall calendar with birthdays and anniversaries and stuff), I can't keep track of everything properly.

I mentioned this to my father, and how I really needed to figure out a way to unite all my lists/calendars in one central place.

"Oh this is a blackberry conversation!" He responds. Not only was this apparently acceptable to him, they are very seriously considering getting me one. So I am in the market for a new phone!!!

I don't actually want a blackberry, I just want something to sync with google-- apparently on the tmobile (which is what I have) network this is called "android".

Anyway, recommendations? What is good/cost efficient/easy to use/shiny and pretty? I really, really need to get my life in order.

Oct. 29th, 2008

Philly won!

(Oh my god are people ever going crazy here)


HP goodness

This looks so good, I have no words:

New HBP trailer

Also, the last bit is gold. :) Guys I am counting down the days until next summer. It was be AMAZING.

I have a marketing test in ten hours. Logically, I should go to bed. Logically.
Today during Business Stat we were learning about this and all my brain had the following hyper dialogue:

And then I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the class. I'm such a geek sometimes hehe